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calorifugeage de tuyauterie

ISO 20632: 2008
Essais de réaction au feu -- Essai en chambre de petite taille de produits ou systèmes de calorifugeage de tuyauterie

Reaction-to-fire tests -- Small room test for pipe insulation products or systems

Prüfungen zum Brandverhalten von Baustoffen - Prüfung von Produkten oder Systemen von Rohrdämmstoffen in einem kleinen Raum
ISO 20632:2008 specifies a test method for determining the reaction to fire performance of pipe insulation products and some pipe insulation systems installed in a small room.
The scenario is valid for fires in a room where pipe insulation products are installed within building applications, e.g., pipe and duct rooms in public buildings, apartment blocks, hospitals and ships.
This method is suitable for products that cannot be tested in a small-scale test, or for correlation of small-scale test data. The method can also serve as a reference scenario for pipe insulation products or for systems fitted in a room within a building or a ship.

1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Principle
5 Test room
6 Ignition source
7 Hood and exhaust duct
8 Instrumentation in the exhaust duct
8.1 Volume flow rate
8.2 Gas analysis
8.3 Optical density
9 System performance
9.1 Calibration
9.2 System response
9.3 Precision
10 Preparation of test specimens
10.1 Test specimen configuration
10.2 Mounting of insulation on pipes
10.3 Dimensions of test specimen
11 Testing
11.1 Initial conditions
11.2 Test procedure
12 Sensitivity analysis
13 Precision data
14 Test report

Annex A (normative) Test specimen configuration
Annex B (normative) Calculations
Annex C (informative) Design of exhaust system
Annex D (informative) Instrumentation in exhaust duct